sunnuntai 4. lokakuuta 2009


Syksyssä on sitä jotain

Autumn has something about it

whether it's love


the hot cocoa

the knitting
it doesn't really matter what you are knitting, the point is that your needles are clacking
(and it's besides the point, if you're ever gonna use your output anyway)

the enormous amount of work

or the rain. Autumn is out there and in here.

Love SB&C!

Umbrella pic from here.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Autumn has indeed got something special. I love it! Nice coup of hot cocoa. I didn't know you could knit, that's quite a surprise 'cause i did not know anyone who could knit (not even my grandmother)! and that's french homework, isn't it? i can tell it is 'cause of the endings and fonetic simbols on that book page. Well another great post. Keep it up :D!

  2. Ohh and why do you have a 20€ banknote on your blog? :D

  3. Nuno: like every finnish person can knit :)¨
    And thanks. :) ONe of my friends wrote my blog's address on a 20 note and i'm waiting to hear from the person who gets it and ends up here :)

  4. Interesting!:D


Thank you very muchoo! :3