tiistai 9. maaliskuuta 2010

Moschino Mon Amour

En ole teille koskaan hehkuttanut teille yhtä lempisuunnittelijaani Moschinoa.
Moschino on aina yhtä haltioiva ja Moschino Cheap & Chic säteilee täydellisyydessään. Moschinoa voisi kuvailla nuoreksi, värikkääksi Chaneliksi.
Madonna Di Campiglio oli tupaten täynnä erittäin hintavia ja suloisia pikku putiikkeja, joissa yhden ikkunassa näin nämä taivaalliset popot Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort Collectionista. Jäin rehellistä ihailemaan niitä seitsemäksi minuutiksi, samalla kun muut tepastelivat jo kahvilaan. Sydän särkyneenä ne eivät lähteneet mukaan, vaikka ties minkälaiset pankkisuunnitelmat pyörivät mielessä.
I have never told you guys about my obsession for Moschino. Moschino is always as enchanting and Moschino Cheap & Chic always sparkles in perfection.  To me, Moschino is like a colorful, young Chanel.
Madonna Di Campiglio was completely packed with very expensive tiny boutiques in which one of them I saw these completely heavenly Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort collection shoes.
I seriously stopped and stared at them for like seven minutes, whilst everyone else walked to a café.
However the heartbreaking fact is, that I didn't buy them, even though all sorts of technical financial plans swirled through my mind.

Nyt Moschinon mallistoihin.
On sanomattakin selvää, että rakastan kaikkia kokonaisuuksia, joten en aio toistaa itseäni kovinkaan monesti. Ensimmäisenä RTW SS/10 Moschino
Onto the collections.
So obviously I am completely in love with all these looks (why else would I be posting them?) so I will not repeat myself that many times.
First on is  RTW SS/10 Moschino.

pearls & black, divine!

add some hearts and i'm on board
beautiful silhouette

navy blue? are you kidding me? i'm dying here!
turquoise with a cinched waist? LOVE!
these cherries are making me worship mixing prints!

the cut is gorgeous!

Moschino syksyn ennakko:
Moschino Pre-Fall

black and white are married with overflowing chic

those gloves rip my heart out!
embellishments and hoop earrings equal love
red grey black and gold are almost cheesy together which is precisely why i love this look.
so autumn-chic!
let's say it together: 50's couture!

the color of that jacket. *gasp, faint*
pastel perfect

this one screams blair!
                                                                        t-h-a-t   s-c-a-r-f

Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2010

that checked skirt is adorable!

i love this male-influenced look!

this is so from alice of wonderland of charlie and the chocolate factory!
the heels are heavenly!
those heels are magnifique! the ribbon is fantastique!
sleek hair, ultra-chic look
bows and monocrome, i'm IN!
so kate spade and blair a.i. smthn to worship!
checked squares are killing me!
hey look, we pose alike!

Moschino Cheap & Chic RTW SS/10

in they enter with the cutest hat ever!
i wish those bikinis were waterproof!
girly, chic, perfect
lacejumpsuit, kill me now!
i suddenly feel the urge throw on something pink and black!
ruffles, ruffles. bring on the ruffles!

it's so blair!
heartshapes on pale pink dresses, oh YES!

at last, my favorite.
the epic flower power glasses.
I want a pair!

Jos jaksoit analysoida, ihastua ja ylipäätänsä lukea koko jutun, onneksi olkoon, olet nyt ymmärtänyt kuinka paljon Maria rakastaa Moschinoa!
Taisin muuten rikkoa oman sääntöni, lupasin alussa olla toistamatta itseäni liikaa...
Toivottavasti sinäkin rakastuit!
If you analyzed, fell in love and read the whole thing, congrats! You have now comprehended how much Maria loves Mochino!
I believe I broke my own rule on not repeating myself. oh well...
I hope you fell in love too!

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  1. i'm a big fan too. such style, and you're right: a younger, funkier Chanel.

  2. The Citizen Rosebud:
    I know. Moschino is the PERFECT brand for young women :)


Thank you very muchoo! :3