sunnuntai 23. tammikuuta 2011

Vlog 17


Päätin taas pitkästä aikaa istahtaa kameran eteen lörpöttelemään ja taisi ollakin aika mukavaa, kun vietin taas 20 minuuttia monologin parissa. Anteeksi...
Tässä siis Lontoon kuulumisia, ostoksia ja lopussa vielä kurkistus käsilaukkuun.
Elokuva alkakoon!

After a while I decided to sit down with my camera and blab on, and on. And on. Apparently I enjoyed chatting to myself, because it turned out at a lovely 20 minute monologue. Bear with me...
So behold, info on London, shopping and you'll even find out about what's in my bag! Tempting, eh?
Let the movie begin!

Look out for a headband video coming your way!


3 kommenttia:

  1. loved the video and your recent posts! :) i'll record some videos myself soon :) take care xoxo

  2. What is the price range like in Beyond Retro?
    Is it rather cheap or expensive?

    Love the vlog! (:

  3. keyola pey:
    thank you so much! love you :)

    hey =) i thought the price range at beyond retro was really very low! i got my dress for around 15 pounds so pretty cheap.
    thanks! :) glad you enjoyed


Thank you very muchoo! :3