keskiviikko 18. toukokuuta 2011

Vlog 22


Jee! Videollani kurkistetaan matkashoppailuihin ja pohdin ääneen meikkiä ja sitä, pitäisikö minun käyttää sitä.
Haha on ainoa sana, millä voin kuvata tiettyä kohtaa tässä videossa.

Find out what sweet little things I bought on my trip and listen to some thoughts on make up and whether I should wear it.
Haha, that's all I can really say about certain parts of this video.

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  1. Amazing video! I love SIXX stores! ;) OMG - I also put scent sacks in my shoe closet! ;) I also agree with the makeup thing, i LOOVE makeup, you know that but I do think makeup is to be used with a bit of caution, because it is really fun, however it is skin deep...
    take care!

  2. you look same with and without makeup

  3. I have to agree with the earlier comment. I see no difference in with makeup and without...
    + I just have to say there are Sephora stores all over Europe, at least in the bigger cities such as Rome and so on, so a correction :)

    ps. nice blog

  4. keyola pey:
    :) haha! thank you!
    yes, I definitely love makeup but one must consider the consequences...
    you too! <3

    thank you =) i did notice a more radical change irl, than on camera though

  5. anonymous2:
    Thanks for the correction, I wasn't sure :)

  6. HI MARIA!!!!!! How are you? We haven't talked for quite a while now! I've seen you're videos on youtube where you're singing Firework and Someone like you and all the others and you're just unbelievable!!! OMG!! You're just.... Well, you're just you xD the amazing Maria :P I really miss you! Byebye! Good on ya, mate xD HAHA

  7. I really like ur vlogs, but their a little bit too long.. :) And it's called a night gown just so u know :)

  8. nuno:
    heyy =)
    we'll talk on msn, eh?

    thanks! yeah, haha you're right. i'll do my best to keep them shorter.
    good to know ^.^

  9. ehehehehee stopatkaa 0:18 ;DDD sori oli pakko

  10. anonyymi:
    HAHAH eikä! voi ku osaan sitten olla viehättävä <3 :)


Thank you very muchoo! :3