perjantai 31. toukokuuta 2013

{ Londoning }

Little moments from London in video form.
Hope you enjoy :)

perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

{ Globetrotting and Other Tales }

I am off to London on an early morning flight tomorrow, and still working on my bio lab right now, so I'll make this very quick! I shot a vlog; I hope you like it!
Have a lovely weekend! xx

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Haha I actually ended up with all sevens and sixes (except math lol...); so I have a good foundation for high predicted grades for next year... PAM PAM PAA

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maanantai 20. toukokuuta 2013

{ So We Beat On }

My dad and I got a fantastic new camera and man; I am so excited! Cannot wait until I have time to learn how to use it (it is a Canon EOS 60D with a fab tamron 18-270 mm lense)! The video quality is amazing O.O BUT silly me, I edited this video with my trusty windows movie maker (yes I know...) and it totally destroyed the pristine pixels and the excruciating details of my breakout! Now it just a slurry slur... Woohoo! So next time I will use a different program that isn't designed for 12 year old's and old people...
Anyways! I went to see the Great Gatsby on Saturday and even though nothing ever will be quite like the book, I thought it was beautiful. Here is my outfit and makeup!

Sorry about being out of focus from time to time; this was my first try filming with the new camera.

 photo Dont-you-feel-like-dancing_gallery_primary_zps7143b50f.jpg

 photo 13est-img-film-the-great-gatsby-film-scenes-screenshots-party-scene_zps98f4cea1.jpg

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"Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther...
So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

torstai 16. toukokuuta 2013

{In the Morning There Is Meaning, In the Evening There Is Feeling}

Quote by Gertrude Stein
Greeting from the middle of ib1 finals week; currently four down (Economics, Biology, History, French) and three to go (English, Finnish, Math). It has definitely been tough; memorizing everything we've done this year has been such a pain. I honestly feel so done. I am chained to the desk until the last day of May (with the exception of the most wonderful trip in between!!!).
Last week my friends and I rented a cottage in the forest and stayed there for a night. It was perfect; the sun was out and for the first time, it really felt like summer. Escaping from civilization to enjoy the sauna and go swimming, cook sausages in a fire and stay up alll night was just what I needed. (Granted, maybe not the staying up all night part ^^).

 photo IMG_5080_zpsc04aef15.jpg

Terveisiä IB1 finalsviikon keskeltä; tällä hetkellä neljä kaatoa (economics, bilsa, historia, ranska) ja kolme jäljellä (englanti, suomi, matikka). On ollut kyllä tosi rankkaa; kaiken käydyn muistaminen ja analysoiminen on ollut uuvuttavaa  ja olo on kyllä niin loppu. Naama on liimattuna kirjaan vielä toukokuun viimeiseen päivään saakka (ja maailman ihanin matka tulossa välissä!!!)
Viime viikolla vuokrattiin kavereiden kanssa mökki Nuuksiosta yhdeksi yöksi. Siellä oli niin ihanaa; aurinko paistoi ja tuntui ekan kerran kunnolla kesältä. Sivilisaatiosta pakeneminen saunomiseen, uimiseen, ja makkaranpaistoon ja koko yön valvomiseen oli juuri sitä mitä tarvitsin. (No okei, ehken sitä valvomista olisi kuitenkaan tarvinnut. ^^ hehheh)

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surprise surprise.

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 photo IMG_52052_zps0d388953.jpg

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Forest chic;
boots - hunter, shorts - zara, shirt - af

 photo IMG_5307_zps238463cd.jpg

 photo IMG_5126_zpsbd419e4a.jpg

 photo IMG_5346_zpsb9a70ead.jpg

teenagers in the forest; take out pizza ^^
nykynuoret metsässä; tilauspizzaa ^^

 photo IMG_5143_zps51e7ce66.jpg

 photo IMG_5079_zps70497634.jpg

and on I march!
reippahasti etiäpäin!

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 photo kuTizYKD-qPAHVBx4pKBdtIUKQmwhN_-RvuR09O69uM_zps2e34904d.jpg

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 photo tumblr_mmsci7uc2G1souejbo1_500_zps36dce9cb.gif

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 photo IMG_5191_zps9bda130f.jpg

 photo IMG_5241_zpsa0045ee4.jpg

 photo 7f82e18b-0e66-4542-8cd6-e124797531ea_zpsdbb07809.jpg
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 photo HvPynTQQEC9nQsqE2LBwcP9kCdMJJwA2dy46Z46xsnY_zps2a48319d.jpg

 photo b1b9d775-b1bf-42ea-960a-1b9cf83bea41_zpsbf63dbd9.jpg

 photo IMG_5220_zps228ee326.jpg

These memories keep me going; in hopes of creating new, even better ones.


torstai 2. toukokuuta 2013

{ The Merry Month of May }

Here in Finland we spend Labour Day on the 1st of May, and its kind of a carnival thing. I went out with my girlfriends and had such a fun time! It was so nice to really see everyone since it had been a while since I last went out and about!
We had a little barbeque pre-party before-hand with yummy food and krrhhm, justin bieber dance moments. Oh dear... :D

Vietin vappua ihanien tyttöjen kanssa ja voi että kun oli ihanaa! Oli ihanaa nähdä kaikkia kunnolla pitkästä aikaa ja käydä kunnolla ulkona!
Pidettiin pieniä bbq-etkoja ihanilla herkuilla ja krrhm, jb popitushetkillä. Ei siitä sitten enempää... :D

 photo ewwamawiagif_zpsea35ecc5.gif

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Gorgeous blue-tip ladies!

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 photo IMG_4823_zps0a09b920.jpg

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 photo IMG_4858_zps31fac1af.jpg

 photo IMG_4837_zpsd3366ecb.jpg

 photo IMG_4869_zps4b9c9588.jpg

 photo IMG_4890_zpsd445be83.jpg

Happy people!
Iloista kansaa!

 photo IMG_4923_zps210c8048.jpg


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 photo IMG_4826_zps571897ac.jpg

 photo IMG_4897_zpsa69092f9.jpg

 photo IMG_4833_zps55dc65ea.jpg

its a tiara thing!! :)

 photo lovelife_zps6b9be71e.jpg

Enjoy the rest of week! :)


p.s. suurkiitos ellalle kuvapummaukseni mahdollistamisesta!