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{ Pack Up the Stars Before You Come for Me }

I suppose we all have our places. Places to escape to and places that make us happy or at least provide an extremely convincing illusion of doing so. These places house adventures and the best people you know. These places must be discovered by each one of us. And worst of all, these places are strangely addicting.

Meillä kaikilla on niitä lempipaikkoja. Paikkoja joihin voimme paeta ja jotka tekevät meidät onnellisiksi (tai ainakin onnistuvat luomaan erittäin vakuuttavan illuusion onnellisuudesta). Näissä paikoissa seikkaillaan ja niistä löytyy upeimmat ihmiset, jotka tunnet. Nämä paikat on jokaisen löydettävä itse. Ja mikä pahinta, nämä paikat ovat vaarallisen koukuttavia.

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for a full narrative check out the vlog from my previous post!

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Cheerful after 30 minutes of sleep at 5.30 am.

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My first night in London was my best friend's graduation from the IB. It was held at Imperial College and was a fantastic night. I felt like a proud soccer mom. Enter Ms. Graduate!

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18 years I've been glued to your side, sisterhood right there!

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happy IB survivors!

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rite of passage

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miss you too much : (

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Always fun to eat their faces :3

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International gorgeousness!

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A great night in Mayfair!

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an excited face!

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Good old district line

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Enjoying hot dogs in Green Park (the first of many)

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Picking up some macarons from Ladurée at Burlington Arcade

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I walked past the Ritz like six times during this trip; night and day

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Indulging on the culinary delight most high in gustatory and aesthetic pleasure

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Savouring the little sunny moments

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London from up high at the Shard

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Mama and I digging for another treat. :3

Off to another celebratory dinner!

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The night Bayer-Munchen won football London was craazy! Drunk and happy fans chanting everywhere haha it was such a joy to watch! ^^

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My aunt asked us to take some graduation pics of Anna to send to all the relatives etc. so we traipsed around Kew Gardens for hours on end and we got so many lovely shots of her. If I've never mentioned, Kew Gardens is one of the most serene places on earth. It is massive and takes long to walk through and at this time of year it is gorgeously in full bloom. Travel tip!

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This water was unbelievably blue; we literally just stood there staring at it in awe for an extended period of time.

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This is probably my favorite 'official' pic we got of her as even though it is formal it isn't quite as rigid as many graduation photos tend to be. Plus it gives way to her out of this world hair.

 photo IMG_1022_zps97243204.jpg

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 photo IMG_1039_zps630696bc.jpg

Haha we asked this cute little japanese guy to take a photo of us :3

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After enjoying the overwhelming floraexplosion we headed off the city into Hyde Park for hot dogs and cycling! YAY FINALLY the barclays bikes! I had been looking forward to this for ever and I don't even know why I was so excited about it but it was such a fun experience; definitely taking these out the next time I go. There was something so perfect about swooshing forward with eye-catching sceneries and happy people surrounding you as you go.

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Followed by chilling in the fresh grass with good friends and breathing in the beautiful audiovisual atmosphere. And strawberries!

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 photo IMG_0732_zps8f913461.jpg

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We spent the most wonderful evening eating delicious Spanish Tapas, riding the bikes in the dark and chilling in the grass with our eyes of the stars and our lips mouthing amazing music.

Since we got so excited about cycling in London, we made our war to Regent's Park to cycle yet again. So, in short I spent most of my time in London is the voluptuous parks.

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I spent my last hours there saying goodbye to a friend at this park behind his house and having a cozy family dinner at home.

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Nothing like a yummy italian meal to unite the family!

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Well said man.

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