maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

{ Maria Takes Europe }

Hello lovelies!

At last some material from my trips in Europe this past summer. This turned out near documentary length, but since it holds memories from about a month of traveling, it makes sense right (?) ^^
You guys know me, I am not afraid to get sappy or sentimental ;), so this video is really a genuine, rather emotional account of what these trips meant to me. Art, people, food, and music influenced me throughout this lovely time. I hope you enjoy it and take it to heart as much as I did making it.
A sneak peek on some travel photos from Madrid!
 photo IMG_4736_zps14e0583d.jpg

 photo IMG_4829_zps0e5d2f63.jpg

 photo IMG_4763_zps7e9134f7.jpg

 photo IMG_4899_zps01c49173.jpg

 photo IMG_4927_zps8d072582.jpg

 photo IMG_5081_zpsc0702fb8.jpg

 photo IMG_4929_zps50012587.jpg

 photo IMG_4974_zps08f34533.jpg

 photo IMG_5271_zps37205bbf.jpg

 photo IMG_5195_zpsf0c9ad49.jpg

 photo IMG_5332_zps1f2f8c09.jpg

 photo IMG_6007_zpsedd14447.jpg

 photo IMG_6199_zps0caf54bb.jpg

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 photo IMG_6189_zpsb3a0967d.jpg

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 photo IMG_0167_zps88b174e3.jpg

'Take everything you know and write it on your skin
so you can carry on and forget everything"