maanantai 21. lokakuuta 2013

{ Autumnal Delirium }


Greetings from an autumnal wonderland! Helsinki has been so gorgeous for weeks now and I have been itching to get my camera out to capture the beauty in all its glory. Ella and I finally found the time to jump into the forest and take some snaps!
Lately I've been channelling a type of 'chill autumnal English countryside' feel in my wardrobe. A warm and rustic Barbour coat, pearly grey Hunter boots, riding pants paired with a cozy sweater and a plaid scarf? Effortless comfort, yes please

Terveisiä syksyisestä ihmemaasta! Helsingissä on ollut niin kaunista jo monen viikon ajan ja onkin jo himottanut päästä kuvailemaan ihanaa ruskaa. Ellan kanssa löydettiin vihdoinkin aikaa niin loikittiin metsikköön hölmöilemään.
Viimeaikoin olen kanavoinut rentoa 'syksy Englannin maaseudulla' fiilistä vaatepuolella. Lämmin ja rempseä Barbourin takki, helmenharmaat Hunterit, ratsastushousut yhdessä lämpimän neuleen ja ruutuhuivin kanssa? Vaivatonta mukavuutta, kyllä kiitos.

 photo IMG_8450_zps5a790ba8.jpg

 photo IMG_7993_zps41061508.jpg

 photo IMG_8390_zps55fc26d4.jpg

 photo IMG_7996_zpsdb52d44b.jpg

 photo IMG_8289_zps6c19e5db.jpg

 photo IMG_8039_zps4be31708.jpg

 photo IMG_8332_zpsae857d80.jpg

 photo IMG_8356_zps35b8474c.jpg

 photo IMG_8223_zps3a7b4f29.jpg

 photo IMG_8272_zpsca558395.jpg

 photo IMG_8251_zpsdf46121e.jpg

 photo IMG_8354_zps1724146e.jpg

 photo IMG_8394_zps1c5e588b.jpg

 photo IMG_8247_zpsf926bb9d.jpg

 photo IMG_8280_zps102aa2bd.jpg

riding pants. ralph lauren - sweater. hollister - boots. hunter - coat. barbour - scarf. jack wills

 photo IMG_8424_zps6d677663.jpg

 photo IMG_8115_zps0e17227e.jpg

 photo IMG_8065_zps6e5d744a.jpg

 photo IMG_8415_zpsba1cc608.jpg

 photo IMG_8459_zpsb8c8a20b.jpg

 photo IMG_7986_zpsc418e966.jpg

 photo IMG_8437_zpsf77c2316.jpg

 photo IMG_8184_zps1df83e02.jpg

 photo IMG_8347_zpsc7952bd3.jpg

 photo IMG_8084_zpsabff25b5.jpg

 photo IMG_8463_zpsf24d08f3.jpg

 photo IMG_8055_zps6eeb1b19.jpg

 photo IMG_8515_zps2ac2e290.jpg

Mixing it up with 'the edgy prep'; a casual biker vest paired with the traditional white collar and cable knit sweater.

 photo IMG_8520_zps83764055.jpg

 photo IMG_7975_zpsc1ea8f9e.jpg

 photo IMG_8523_zps6500d769.jpg

shirt. burberry - sweater. abercrombie - (ella's) biker vest. saints and mortals

 photo IMG_8578_zpsdabdbbb6.jpg

hipstah chic!

 photo IMG_8069_zpsecc97d0c.jpg

 photo IMG_7983_zps693bd887.jpg

we experienced the first snow during this photo session
freezing, yet lovely surprise

 photo heimenauretaan_zps3213a2fc.gif

Unsurprisingly, school for the next two months will be a never ending hell stretch, but I have somehow learned to let go of stressing and just keep pushing. Valuable, eh? With uni entrance exams, countless deadlines and mock week approaching, I guess you just have to sink or swim.
Time to swim kiddies!

IB teettää helvetillisen työputken vuoden seuraavan kahden kuukauden ajaksi (hei yllättävää), mutta olen tämän kiireisen syksyn aikana oppinut päästämään irti stressistä ja jatkaa puskemista. Tästä oli siis jotain hyötyä? (:
Yliopiston pääsykokeiden, lukemattomien deadline'jen ja mock viikon lähestyessä pitää vain päättäväisesti rehkiä, sillä mahdollisia lopputuloksia on kaksi; epäonnistuminen ja menestyminen.
Successkid täältä tullaan! ;)

 photo IMG_8625_zps69299154.jpg

dat snowhair

 photo IMG_8603_zpse83dd604.jpg

 photo IMG_8493_zps287fb3bf.jpg

 photo maketodaygreat_zpsb089ce63.jpg

 photo IMG_8438_zps5b0d2097.jpg


keskiviikko 16. lokakuuta 2013

{ Pulchritudinous }

I am enjoying my autumn holiday in the most beautiful way. It is the first time ever (yes, I think so.) I am spending this blissful week in Helsinki, buried in work. But there is something that makes it all so very wonderful. Sure this is supposed to be the 'most stressful year of my life so far', but as of now, it doesn't feel that way. I took the SAT's a few weeks a go and the Oxford Thinking Skills Assessment is only a few weeks away. My extended essay is due in two weeks and countless assignment are itching to be finished. I get emails every day from universities in England and Scotland wishing me well;
'Dear Maria,
We have received your application and look forward to reviewing it as quickly as possible'. Opening my gmail these days is like a little oomph of 'hey, this is what you have worked for for years.' and it feel phenomenal. Sure I have low expectations for being accepted, but even when Yale sends you an automated cute email titled 'Dear Maria we can't wait to hear from you' something in me jumps a little. It feels so crazy to know that my hard work could result in this much or thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much and the fact that I have zero idea of where I'll be resting my head a year from now is exhilarating.
Apart from all things IB, I have really had the chance to fall for Helsinki lately. I have spent so much time waltzing around quiet corners of unfamiliar streets peering into busy cafés full of loud, vivacious people that I have only now properly realised what this place means to me. Creeping up to a best friend's cute little apartment in the center to sit and gab for hours with tea and biscuits on a massive comfy bed; walking hand in hand with someone through the most life changing autumn sceneries brushed with shades of gold and auburn truly seems to sweeten everything. Even walking through the quiet dark streets with gentle guitars in my ears and yellow leaves falling on my path feels like something entirely new. Endless hours on Skype. Sitting together in the library pretending to read but really just stealing glances...
And it feels wonderful.

 photo Photoon2013-09-10at20332_zps4624084c.jpg

 photo IMG_7897_zpscd4a4f91.jpg

 photo airplanesmall_zps5a580b83.jpg

I wish this was mine; via tumblr

 photo IMG_7868_zps59481e04.jpg

 photo IMG_7722_zpsa6b53d44.jpg

 photo IMG_7887_zps54876ec2.jpg

 photo IMG_7899_zpsd669489a.jpg

And a makeup video to top it off!

Much Love,

sunnuntai 6. lokakuuta 2013

{ Life Update }


Having taken an inexcusable hiatus, I tried to explain myself by filming a chatty vlog on recent developments! Aand since we are already on the comfortable path of incoherency, I might as well just post on a delightful explosion of random snaps from the past month and half or so.
Delighted to be back! ;)

 photo IMG_zpsf8654873.jpg

Last school picture ever! Embracing senior year ;)

 photo IMG_7478_zpsaf6ce33d.jpg

 photo IMG_7504_zpsf5593c20.jpg

 photo IMG_7482_zpsb7bbbb97.jpg

 photo IMG_7444_zps54cd7b7c.jpg

 photo IMG_7459_zps04c08727.jpg

 photo IMG_7455_zpse4140f34.jpg

 photo IMG_7440_zps4f8bb65b.jpg

Snaps from a sushi picnic we took way back in August. :') Good times

 photo IMG_7448_zps47bbd8eb.jpg

 photo IMG_7500_zpsdf1c3546.jpg

Some snaps from the Freshman Initiation in August- hehee we got to amuse some freshmen ^^

 photo IMG_9306_zpsa28b98c4.jpg

 photo IMG_9282_zps74fb3d10.jpg

 photo IMG_9258_zps1fc18d1c.jpg

 photo IMG_9314_zps35a75799.jpg

 photo IMG_7661_zps1c5d4a62.jpg

Posing with a friend who attends Harvard and was kind enough to speak at a 'Universities Abroad' event hosted by the student organisation I run  (:

 photo IMG_7552_zps3f1c5bb8.jpg

We got students from top unis around the world to come on over and share their experiences. Was so nice to see our dream of this event finally realised. (This was towards the end of August)

 photo IMG_7643_zpsc3f2e598.jpg

 photo IMG_7626_zps4bdb66a3.jpg

Ms. Chairman (:

 photo IMG_7710_zps50a0a7fc.jpg

 photo IMG_7684_zps795957f6.jpg

 photo IMG_7675_zps772a0e91.jpg

Cutest siblings evah!

 photo lights1_zpsc00e1ca4.jpg

Recent escapades in Helsinki

 photo lights2_zpsa7f864a9.jpg

 photo lights3_zpsbe7489b9.jpg

 photo lights4_zps1fe4a85b.jpg

Hopefully talk to you soon! :))