sunnuntai 6. lokakuuta 2013

{ Life Update }


Having taken an inexcusable hiatus, I tried to explain myself by filming a chatty vlog on recent developments! Aand since we are already on the comfortable path of incoherency, I might as well just post on a delightful explosion of random snaps from the past month and half or so.
Delighted to be back! ;)

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Last school picture ever! Embracing senior year ;)

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Snaps from a sushi picnic we took way back in August. :') Good times

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 photo IMG_7500_zpsdf1c3546.jpg

Some snaps from the Freshman Initiation in August- hehee we got to amuse some freshmen ^^

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Posing with a friend who attends Harvard and was kind enough to speak at a 'Universities Abroad' event hosted by the student organisation I run  (:

 photo IMG_7552_zps3f1c5bb8.jpg

We got students from top unis around the world to come on over and share their experiences. Was so nice to see our dream of this event finally realised. (This was towards the end of August)

 photo IMG_7643_zpsc3f2e598.jpg

 photo IMG_7626_zps4bdb66a3.jpg

Ms. Chairman (:

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Cutest siblings evah!

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Recent escapades in Helsinki

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 photo lights3_zpsbe7489b9.jpg

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Hopefully talk to you soon! :))

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  1. Kiva että postasit taas pitkästä aikaa! sun blogi on oikeesti tosi hyödyllinen koska näistä koulupainoitteisista jutuista saa aina opiskelumotivaatiota :)

    1. Oi ihana kuulla että tykkäät!! (: xx


Thank you very muchoo! :3