keskiviikko 16. lokakuuta 2013

{ Pulchritudinous }

I am enjoying my autumn holiday in the most beautiful way. It is the first time ever (yes, I think so.) I am spending this blissful week in Helsinki, buried in work. But there is something that makes it all so very wonderful. Sure this is supposed to be the 'most stressful year of my life so far', but as of now, it doesn't feel that way. I took the SAT's a few weeks a go and the Oxford Thinking Skills Assessment is only a few weeks away. My extended essay is due in two weeks and countless assignment are itching to be finished. I get emails every day from universities in England and Scotland wishing me well;
'Dear Maria,
We have received your application and look forward to reviewing it as quickly as possible'. Opening my gmail these days is like a little oomph of 'hey, this is what you have worked for for years.' and it feel phenomenal. Sure I have low expectations for being accepted, but even when Yale sends you an automated cute email titled 'Dear Maria we can't wait to hear from you' something in me jumps a little. It feels so crazy to know that my hard work could result in this much or thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much and the fact that I have zero idea of where I'll be resting my head a year from now is exhilarating.
Apart from all things IB, I have really had the chance to fall for Helsinki lately. I have spent so much time waltzing around quiet corners of unfamiliar streets peering into busy cafés full of loud, vivacious people that I have only now properly realised what this place means to me. Creeping up to a best friend's cute little apartment in the center to sit and gab for hours with tea and biscuits on a massive comfy bed; walking hand in hand with someone through the most life changing autumn sceneries brushed with shades of gold and auburn truly seems to sweeten everything. Even walking through the quiet dark streets with gentle guitars in my ears and yellow leaves falling on my path feels like something entirely new. Endless hours on Skype. Sitting together in the library pretending to read but really just stealing glances...
And it feels wonderful.

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I wish this was mine; via tumblr

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And a makeup video to top it off!

Much Love,

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  1. Miten sun hiukset voi olla noin upeat noin pienellä vaivalla! Onko sulla jotain salaisia kikkoja miten ne pysyy noin hyväkuntoisina vaikka ovat niin pitkät?

    1. Voi kiitoksia! :)
      Voisin joskus kasata jonkinnäköisen hiuspostauksen kasaan. En sanois että mulla on mitään superihmeellisiä kikkoja, mutta joitakin perusjuttuja voisin esitellä. :)

  2. Do you have a boyfriend? (:

  3. O my god, you look just like Blair (from Gossip Girl)!!! By the way can you do a cover of fox - ylvis? And I was just wondering if you could rap also? Because you have such an amazing voice!!! xoxo :)

    1. Hahha I'm flattered but wut! I look nothing like Leighton Meester :D
      Is that the odd song about what foxes say? ^^ not sure that's my bag!
      I have actually trying to get myself to do 'You need me I don't need you' by Ed Sheeran someday ^^
      Sweet of you! xx


Thank you very muchoo! :3