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{ Bibles }

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Hallo lovelies!
I am really excited to share with you a few literary and non-literary gems that I am currently working on. As I spend my days from 9 am to 8 pm in the library, I must admit, I have little enthusiasm to come home and indulge in any pleasure reading... Especially now that I am waiting on prescription glasses to arrive (yes. I managed to ruin to my eyes) and get massive headaches in the evenings due to my poor sight. However! I still try to squeeze in some extra reading to keep my mind virile!

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an honest portrayal of my desk. the life of a student i guess...

When I was in Edinburgh we went to this amazing book shop that sells antiquarian and old books; shelves and shelves of beautiful old leather-bound books with gold pages and ex libris marks inside. It was paradise. In the end I only purchased two books; a Dickens's classic, Hard Times, which I will be using for my English literature final in May, and a beautiful Spinoza work as a gift for my favourite teacher for graduation. It inspires me to read Hard Times more, the heavy book that it is otherwise...

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Another is a less beautiful, but highly awaited opus. I have been eyeing this piece for months and months but never took the plunge as it was always so expensive (17 euros for a paperback, really?). But after seeing on the 'suggested reading' list Warwick sent us PPE offer-receivers, I couldn't help myself. I can't say I have a definite political stance at the moment, as the more I know, the less I feel like know...
So I plan to read a lot of different interpretations. Stiglitz is a famous economist that also has some great societal and political insights and he is counter-laissez-faire. I've only cracked this book a few days a go so I'll tell you how I like it once I finish!

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This, beautiful  book is a classic. The Picture of Dorian Gray is arguable Wilde's most famous work. I have never read it, but I have read Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. The way he writes is very frivolous and ironic, with many fun plays on words. I am enjoying this!

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Lastly, a non-literary book, but a very exciting one indeed! It is a Finnish hair book, produced and made by Mariela Sarkima, a Finnish hair and makeup professional and I am featured in it! It is titled 'Hair Bible'. The photoshoot for this was such a fun time and I quite like how the pictures turned out!
The book itself is very entertaining and it was recently published. I think it retails at around 30 euros.

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a spectacular beginning of the week!

Much love!

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  1. Those books are so beautiful !
    I guess it´s such a pleasure for to read those books!
    Love the fotos from the hair-bible! They´re gorgeous ;-)

  2. Hey you mentioned doing a post on study techniques and revising for your finals and such. I'd be really interested in that and soooo grateful, since I'm struggling with my motivation. It'd be really cool to hear your insight on these things. You make studying sound more appealing :D I always get really pumped up about school when I've read your blog! What a strange feeling... :D

  3. I'm so so so super glad you are back :*

  4. Hei osaisitko auttaa mua? :) Aloitan pre-IB:llä tänä syksynä ja saimme kirjalistat vähän aikaa sitten. Mistä ostit kirjasi? tiedätkö jotain hyviä paikkoja? Kiitos!

    1. Moikka!
      Amazonista ostin kaikki IB-kirjani (mukaan lukien ne jota tarvitaan pre-IB'llä), sillä ne sai ok-edullisesti'sta. Suomenkielisten kurssin kirjat saatta stokkalta (20%?) kanta-asiakasalennuksella. :) Saatat löytää jotain kirja-exchange nettisivuja jos etsit vielä halvempaa vaihtoehtoa.


Thank you very muchoo! :3